Text (Unicode, Encoding, etc.) Reference

This is a list of HTML Unicode entities. Some are obscure, some important, some helpful, and some just fun. Aggregating them was a pain, but using them doesn’t have to be.

Cross-listed from JavaScript


Emoji Characters

Emoji Characters


Man Facepalming

Man Facepalming Man Face Palm


Face with One Eyebrow Raised a.k.a./assoc. Colbert, The Rock

Face with Raised Eyebrow Face With Raised Eyebrow


Neutral Face a.k.a./assoc. Face With Straight Mouth, Straight Faced

Neutral Face Neutral Face


Thinking Face a.k.a./assoc. Chin Thumb, Thinker, Throwing Shade

Thinking Face Thinking Face


Face with Finger Covering Closed Lips a.k.a./assoc. Hush, Quiet, Shh

Shushing Face Shushing Face


Face with Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye a.k.a./assoc. Crazy, Crazy Face

Winking Face with Tongue Winking Face With Stuck-Out Tongue


Grinning Face with One Large and One Small Eye a.k.a./assoc. Crazy Eyes, Excited, Wild

Zany Face Goofy Face


Face with Tears of Joy a.k.a./assoc. Laughing, Laughing Crying, Laughing Tears, LOL

Face with Tears of Joy Face With Tears of Joy


Rolling on the Floor Laughing a.k.a./assoc. ROFL

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face


Smiling Face with Open Mouth and Tightly-Closed Eyes a.k.a./assoc. ><, Big Grin, Closed-Eyes Smile, Laughing, XD

Grinning Squinting Face Grinning Face With Tightly Closed Eyes


Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes

Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes


Smiling Face with Open Mouth and Smiling Eyes a.k.a./assoc. Grinning Face, Happy Face, Smiley Face

Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes Grinning Face With Squinting Eyes


Smiling Face with Open Mouth a.k.a./assoc. Grinning Face, Happy, Happy Face, Smiley Face

Grinning Face with Big Eyes Grinning Face With Open Mouth


Grinning Face a.k.a./assoc. Happy Face, Smiley Face

Grinning Face Grinning Face


Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes and Hand Covering Mouth

Face with Hand Over Mouth Blushing Face With Hand Over Mouth


Zipper-Mouth Face a.k.a./assoc. Lips Sealed, Sealed Lips, Zip It

Zipper-Mouth Face Face With a Zipper Mouth


Face with One Eyebrow Raised a.k.a./assoc. Colbert, The Rock

Face with Raised Eyebrow Face With Raised Eyebrow


Neutral Face a.k.a./assoc. Face With Straight Mouth, Straight Faced

Neutral Face Neutral Face


Face Without Mouth a.k.a./assoc. Blank Face, Mouthless, Silence, Silent

Face Without Mouth Face Without Mouth


Smirking Face a.k.a./assoc. Flirting, Sexual Face, Smug Face, Suggestive Smile

Smirking Face Smirking Face


Unamused Face a.k.a./assoc. Dissatisfied, Meh, Side-Eye, Unimpressed

Unamused Face Unamused Face


Grimacing Face a.k.a./assoc. Awkward, Eek, Foot In Mouth, Nervous, Snapchat Mutual #1 Best Friend

Grimacing Face Grimacing Face


Relieved Face a.k.a./assoc. Content, Pleased

Relieved Face Relieved Face


Pensive Face a.k.a./assoc. Pensive, Sad, Sadface, Sorrowful

Pensive Face Sad Pensive Face


Sleeping Face a.k.a./assoc. Sleep Face, Snoring, Zzz Face

Sleeping Face Sleeping Face


Face with Thermometer a.k.a./assoc. Ill, Sick

Face with Thermometer Face With Thermometer


Face with Medical Mask a.k.a./assoc. Coronavirus, COVID-19, Mask Face, Surgical Mask

Face with Medical Mask Face With Medical Mask


Face with Head-Bandage a.k.a./assoc. Bandaged Head, Clumsy, Injured

Face with Head-Bandage Face With Head-Bandage


Nauseated Face a.k.a./assoc. Disgust, Green Face, Vomit

Nauseated Face Nauseated Face


Face with Open Mouth Vomiting a.k.a./assoc. Spew, Throwing Up, Vomit

Face Vomiting Vomiting Face


Sneezing Face a.k.a./assoc. Gesundheit

Sneezing Face Sneezing Face


Dizzy Face a.k.a./assoc. Cross Eyes Face, Spiral Eyes Face

Dizzy Face Dizzy Face


Shocked Face with Exploding Head a.k.a./assoc. Mind Blown

Exploding Head Exploding Head


Face with Monocle

Face with Monocle Face With Monocle


Confused Face a.k.a./assoc. Nonplussed, Puzzled, :S

Confused Face Confused Face


Disappointed but Relieved Face a.k.a./assoc. Eyebrow Sweat

Sad but Relieved Face Disappointed but Relieved Face


Crying Face a.k.a./assoc. Crying, Tear

Crying Face Crying Face


Loudly Crying Face a.k.a./assoc. Bawling, Crying, Sad Tears, Sobbing

Loudly Crying Face Loudly Crying Face


Disappointed Face a.k.a./assoc. :(, Sad, Sadface

Disappointed Face Disappointed Face


Yawning Face

Yawning Face New in 2019. Now supported on all updated systems.


Angry Face a.k.a./assoc. Angry, Grumpy Face

Angry Face Angry Face


Pouting Face a.k.a./assoc. Angry Face, Grumpy Face, Mad Face, Red Face

Pouting Face Pouting Face


Serious Face with Symbols Covering Mouth a.k.a./assoc. Cursing, Cussing, Grawlix, Swearing

Face with Symbols on Mouth Face With Symbols Over Mouth


Skull a.k.a./assoc. Death, Grey Skull, Skeleton

Skull Skull


Skull and Crossbones

Skull and Crossbones Skull and Crossbones


Pile of Poo a.k.a./assoc. Dog Dirt, Smiling Poop

Pile of Poo Pile of Poop


Clown Face a.k.a./assoc. Creepy Clown, Evil Clown, Scary Clown

Clown Face Clown Face


Waving Hand Sign a.k.a./assoc. Goodbye, Hand Wave, Hello, Waving

Waving Hand Waving Hand


Raised Back of Hand a.k.a./assoc. Backhand

Raised Back of Hand Back of Hand


Raised Hand with Fingers Splayed a.k.a./assoc. Five Hand, Splayed Hand

Hand with Fingers Splayed Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed

Raised Hand a.k.a./assoc. High Five, Stop

Raised Hand Raised Hand


Raised Hand with Part Between Middle and Ring Fingers a.k.a./assoc. Spock, Star Trek, Vulcan Salute

Vulcan Salute Hand With Fingers Split Between Middle and Ring Fingers


OK Hand Sign a.k.a./assoc. Okay, Perfect

OK Hand OK Hand Sign


Pinching Hand

Pinching Hand New in 2019. Now supported on all updated systems.


Victory Hand a.k.a./assoc. Air Quotes, Peace, Peace Sign, V Sign

Victory Hand Victory Hand


Hand with Index and Middle Fingers Crossed a.k.a./assoc. Fingers Crossed, Good Luck

Crossed Fingers Fingers Crossed


I Love You Hand Sign

Love-You Gesture Love-You Gesture


White Left Pointing Backhand Index a.k.a./assoc. Pointing Left

Backhand Index Pointing Left Backhand Index Finger Pointing Left


White Right Pointing Backhand Index a.k.a./assoc. Pointing Right

Backhand Index Pointing Right Backhand Index Finger Pointing Right


White Up Pointing Backhand Index a.k.a./assoc. Middle Finger, Pointing Up

Backhand Index Pointing Up Backhand Index Finger Pointing Up


Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended a.k.a./assoc. Dito Medio, Flipping The Bird, Middle Finger, Rude Finger

Middle Finger Middle Finger


White Down Pointing Backhand Index a.k.a./assoc. Pointing Down

Backhand Index Pointing Down Backhand Index Finger Pointing Down


White Up Pointing Index a.k.a./assoc. Pointing Up, Secret

Index Pointing Up Index Finger Pointing Up


Thumbs Up Sign a.k.a./assoc. Like, Thumbs Up, Yes

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up


Thumbs Down Sign a.k.a./assoc. Bad, Dislike, No

Thumbs Down Thumbs Down


Fisted Hand Sign a.k.a./assoc. Bro Fist / Brofist, Fist Bump, Punch

Oncoming Fist Closed Fist


Left-Facing Fist a.k.a./assoc. Left Fist Bump

Left-Facing Fist Left-Facing Fist


Right-Facing Fist a.k.a./assoc. Right Fist Bump

Right-Facing Fist Right-Facing Fist


Clapping Hands Sign a.k.a./assoc. Applause, Clap, Clapping, Golf Clap, Round Of Applause

Clapping Hands Clapping Hands


Handshake a.k.a./assoc. Shaking Hands

Handshake Handshake


Person with Folded Hands a.k.a./assoc. Namaste, Please, Prayer, Thank You

Folded Hands Hands Pressed Together


Writing Hand

Writing Hand Writing Hand



Brain Brain


Eye a.k.a./assoc. Single Eye

Eye Eye


Man Technologist a.k.a./assoc. Male Blogger

Man Technologist Man Technologist


Drop of Blood

Drop of Blood New in 2019. Now supported on all updated systems.


Pistol a.k.a./assoc. Gun, Revolver, Squirt Gun, Water Gun, Water Pistol

Pistol Water Pistol


Heavy Black Heart a.k.a./assoc. Heart, Love Heart, Red Heart

Red Heart Red Heart


Hundred Points Symbol a.k.a./assoc. 100, Keep It 100, Perfect Score

Hundred Points Hundred Points Symbol


Speech Balloon a.k.a./assoc. Chat Bubble, Speech Bubble

Speech Balloon Speech Balloon


Right Anger Bubble a.k.a./assoc. Zig Zag Bubble

Right Anger Bubble Angry Speech Bubble


Thought Balloon a.k.a./assoc. Thinking Bubble, Thought Bubble

Thought Balloon Thought Balloon


Octagonal Sign a.k.a./assoc. Stop Sign

Stop Sign Octagonal Sign


Heavy Black Heart a.k.a./assoc. Heart, Love Heart, Red Heart

Red Heart Red Heart


Black Spade Suit a.k.a./assoc. Spades

Spade Suit Spade Suit


Black Heart Suit a.k.a./assoc. Card With Heart, Hearts

Heart Suit Heart Suit


Black Diamond Suit a.k.a./assoc. Diamonds

Diamond Suit Diamond Suit


Black Club Suit a.k.a./assoc. Clubs

Club Suit Club Suit


Bell a.k.a./assoc. Liberty Bell, Ringer, Wedding Bell

Bell Bell


Bell with Cancellation Stroke a.k.a./assoc. Notifications, Ringer Disabled

Bell with Slash Muted Bell


No Entry Sign a.k.a./assoc. Banned, Circle Backslash, No, Red Circle Crossed, Restricted

Prohibited Prohibited


Radioactive Sign a.k.a./assoc. International Radiation Symbol, Nuclear

Radioactive Radioactive


Biohazard Sign

Biohazard Biohazard


Upwards Black Arrow a.k.a./assoc. Arrow Pointing Up, Up Arrow

Up Arrow Up Arrow


North East Arrow a.k.a./assoc. Diagonal Up-Right Arrow

Up-Right Arrow Up-Right Arrow


Black Rightwards Arrow a.k.a./assoc. Arrow Pointing Right, Right Arrow

Right Arrow Right Arrow


South East Arrow a.k.a./assoc. Diagonal Down-Right Arrow

Down-Right Arrow Down-Right Arrow


Downwards Black Arrow a.k.a./assoc. Arrow Pointing Down, Down Arrow

Down Arrow Down Arrow


South West Arrow a.k.a./assoc. Diagonal Down-Left Arrow

Down-Left Arrow Down-Left Arrow


Leftwards Black Arrow a.k.a./assoc. Arrow Pointing Left, Left Arrow

Left Arrow Left Arrow


North West Arrow a.k.a./assoc. Diagonal Up-Left Arrow

Up-Left Arrow Up-Left Arrow


Up Down Arrow a.k.a./assoc. Vertical Arrows

Up-Down Arrow Up-Down Arrow


Left Right Arrow a.k.a./assoc. Horizontal Arrows, Sideways Arrows

Left-Right Arrow Left-Right Arrow


Leftwards Arrow with Hook a.k.a./assoc. Email Reply, Left Curved Arrow

Right Arrow Curving Left Right Arrow Curving Left


Rightwards Arrow with Hook a.k.a./assoc. Email Forward, Right Curved Arrow

Left Arrow Curving Right Left Arrow Curving Right


Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Upwards

Right Arrow Curving Up Right Arrow Curving Up


Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Downwards a.k.a./assoc. Curved Down Arrow

Right Arrow Curving Down Right Arrow Curving Down


Clockwise Downwards and Upwards Open Circle Arrows

Clockwise Vertical Arrows Clockwise Vertical Arrows


Anticlockwise Downwards and Upwards Open Circle Arrows a.k.a./assoc. Refresh, Rotate, Switch

Counterclockwise Arrows Button Counter-Clockwise Arrows


Back with Leftwards Arrow Above a.k.a./assoc. Back

Back Arrow Back Arrow


End with Leftwards Arrow Above a.k.a./assoc. End

End Arrow End Arrow


On with Exclamation Mark with Left Right Arrow Above a.k.a./assoc. On

On! Arrow On! Arrow


Soon with Rightwards Arrow Above a.k.a./assoc. Soon

Soon Arrow Soon Arrow


Top with Upwards Arrow Above a.k.a./assoc. Top

Top Arrow Top Arrow


Twisted Rightwards Arrows

Shuffle Tracks Button Shuffle Tracks Symbol


Clockwise Rightwards and Leftwards Open Circle Arrows a.k.a./assoc. Loop Symbol, Retweet

Repeat Button Repeat Symbol


Clockwise Rightwards and Leftwards Open Circle Arrows with Circled One Overlay a.k.a./assoc. Circle Arrows With Number 1, Loop Once Symbol

Repeat Single Button Repeat Single Track Symbol


Black Right-Pointing Triangle a.k.a./assoc. Play Button, Right Triangle

Play Button Right-Pointing Triangle

Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle a.k.a./assoc. Fast Forward

Fast-Forward Button Fast Forward Symbol


Black Left-Pointing Triangle a.k.a./assoc. Left Triangle

Reverse Button Left-Pointing Triangle

Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle a.k.a./assoc. Rewind

Fast Reverse Button Rewind Symbol


Up-Pointing Small Red Triangle a.k.a./assoc. Up Triangle

Upwards Button Up-Pointing Triangle

Black Up-Pointing Double Triangle

Fast Up Button Up-Pointing Double Triangle


Down-Pointing Small Red Triangle a.k.a./assoc. Down Triangle

Downwards Button Down-Pointing Triangle

Black Down-Pointing Double Triangle

Fast Down Button Down-Pointing Double Triangle


Black Square for Stop a.k.a./assoc. Stop

Stop Button Stop Symbol


Eject Symbol

Eject Button Eject Symbol


Low Brightness Symbol a.k.a./assoc. Decrease Brightness

Dim Button Low Brightness Symbol


High Brightness Symbol a.k.a./assoc. Increase Brightness

Bright Button High Brightness Symbol


Heavy Multiplication X

Multiply Multiplication Symbol

Heavy Plus Sign

Plus Plus Symbol

Heavy Minus Sign

Minus Minus Symbol

Heavy Division Sign

Divide Division Symbol


Permanent Paper Sign a.k.a./assoc. Infinity

Infinity Infinity


Double Exclamation Mark

Double Exclamation Mark Red Double Exclamation Mark


Exclamation Question Mark

Exclamation Question Mark Red Exclamation Mark and Question Mark

Black Question Mark Ornament

Question Mark Red Question Mark

White Question Mark Ornament

White Question Mark White Question Mark

White Exclamation Mark Ornament

White Exclamation Mark White Exclamation Mark

Heavy Exclamation Mark Symbol

Exclamation Mark Red Exclamation Mark


Heavy Dollar Sign a.k.a./assoc. Dollar, Dollar Sign

Heavy Dollar Sign Dollar Sign


Staff of Aesculapius a.k.a./assoc. Aesculapius, Asklepios, Rod of Asclepius

Medical Symbol Staff of Aesculapius

White Heavy Check Mark a.k.a./assoc. Green Check Mark, Green Tick

Check Mark Button Check Mark


Ballot Box with Check a.k.a./assoc. Checkbox, Check Mark In Box

Check Box with Check Ballot Box With Check

Heavy Large Circle a.k.a./assoc. Circle, Correct, Red Circle

Hollow Red Circle Circle Mark


Heavy Check Mark a.k.a./assoc. Check, Tick

Check Mark Checkmark

Cross Mark a.k.a./assoc. Cross, X

Cross Mark Cross Mark

Negative Squared Cross Mark a.k.a./assoc. Cross, X

Cross Mark Button X Mark


Copyright Sign

Copyright Copyright Sign


Registered Sign

Registered Registered Sign


Trade Mark Sign a.k.a./assoc. TM, Trademark

Trade Mark Trade Mark Sign


Keycap Number Sign a.k.a./assoc. Hash Key, Hashtag, Octothorpe, Pound Key

Keycap Number Sign Number Sign


Keycap Digit Zero

Keycap Digit Zero Keycap Digit Zero


Keycap Digit One

Keycap Digit One Keycap Digit One


Keycap Digit Two

Keycap Digit Two Keycap Digit Two


Keycap Digit Three

Keycap Digit Three Keycap Digit Three


Keycap Digit Four

Keycap Digit Four Keycap Digit Four


Keycap Digit Five

Keycap Digit Five Keycap Digit Five


Keycap Digit Six

Keycap Digit Six Keycap Digit Six


Keycap Digit Seven

Keycap Digit Seven Keycap Digit Seven


Keycap Digit Eight

Keycap Digit Eight Keycap Digit Eight


Keycap Digit Nine

Keycap Digit Nine Keycap Digit Nine


Keycap Ten a.k.a./assoc. Number 10

Keycap: 10 Keycap Ten


Input Symbol for Latin Capital Letters a.k.a./assoc. ABCD, Uppercase

Input Latin Uppercase Input Symbol for Uppercase Letters


Input Symbol for Latin Small Letters a.k.a./assoc. ABCD, Lowercase

Input Latin Lowercase Input Symbol for Lowercase Letters


Input Symbol for Numbers a.k.a./assoc. 1234, Numbers, Numeric Input

Input Numbers Input Symbol for Numbers


Input Symbol for Symbols a.k.a./assoc. Symbols, Symbol Input

Input Symbols Input Symbol for Symbols


Input Symbol for Latin Letters a.k.a./assoc. ABC, Alphabet, Letters

Input Latin Letters Input Symbol for Letters


Squared ID a.k.a./assoc. ID, Identification

ID Button Identification Sign


Information Source a.k.a./assoc. Info, Lowercase I, Tourist Information

Information Information Source


Squared Free a.k.a./assoc. Free

Free Button Free Sign


Squared Cool a.k.a./assoc. Cool Square

Cool Button Cool Sign


Large Red Circle

Red Circle Red Circle


Radio Button

Radio Button Radio Button


White Square Button

White Square Button White Square Button


Black Square Button

Black Square Button Black Square Button



Bomb Bomb


Collision Symbol a.k.a./assoc. Bang, Explode, Impact, Red Spark

Collision Explosion


Firecracker a.k.a./assoc. Dynamite

Firecracker Firecracker

HTML Entities

Common Typographic Marks

Trade Mark Sign U+2122 trademark, TM

&#8482; &#x2122; &trade;


Copyright Sign U+00A9 (c)

&#169; &#xa9; &copy;


Registered Sign U+00AE registered trademark sign

&#174; &#xae; &reg;

Pilcrow Sign U+00B6 paragraph mark

&#182; &#xb6; &para;


Middle Dot U+00B7

&#183; &#xb7; &middot;

En Dash U+2013

&#8211; &#x2013; &ndash;

Em Dash U+2014

&#8212; &#x2014; &mdash;

Bullet U+2022

&#8226; &#x2022; &bull;

Horizontal Ellipsis U+2026

&#8230; &#x2026; &hellip;

Check Mark U+2713

&#10003; &#x2713;

(Less Common) Typographic Marks

Ballot Box with X U+2610 ballot box, marked box, checked box

&#9744; &#x2610;

Empty Ballot Box U+2612 empty ballot box, empty box, empty check box

&#9746; &#x2612;

Left Single Quotation Mark U+2018

&#8216; &#x2018; &lsquo;

Right Single Quotation Mark U+2019

&#8217; &#x2019; &rsquo;

Single Low-9 Quotation Mark U+201A

&#8218; &#x201a; &sbquo;

Left Double Quotation Mark U+201C

&#8220; &#x201c; &ldquo;

Right Double Quotation Mark U+201D

&#8221; &#x201d; &rdquo;

Double Low-9 Quotation Mark U+201E

&#8222; &#x201e; &bdquo;


Macron U+00AF

&#175; &#xaf; &macr;

Small Question Mark U+FE56

&#65110; &#xfe56;


Feminine Ordinal Indicator U+00AA

&#170; &#xaa; &ordf;


Masculine Ordinal Indicator U+00BA

&#186; &#xba; &ordm;


Inverted Question Mark U+00BF

&#191; &#xbf; &iquest;


Inverted Exclamation Mark U+00A1

&#161; &#xa1; &iexcl;


Section Sign U+00A7

&#167; &#xa7; &sect;

Full Block U+2588 box, block, square

&#9608; &#x2588;

Vertical Ellipsis U+22EE used for menus sometimes

&#8942; &#x22ee;

Dagger U+2020

&#8224; &#x2020; &dagger;

Double Dagger U+2021

&#8225; &#x2021; &Dagger;

Warning Sign U+26A0

&#9888; &#x26a0;

Information Source U+2139

&#8505; &#x2139;


Latin Small Ligature fi U+FB01

&#64257; &#xfb01;

Latin Small Ligature fl U+FB02

&#64258; &#xfb02;


And the modifier letter shelf (space-like character)


Soft Hyphen U+00AD a hypen that only provides hyphenation when needed (not a good idea for breaking URLs)

&#173; &#xad; &shy;


No-Break Space U+00A0 non-breaking space

&#160; &#xa0; &nbsp;

Thin Space U+2009

&#8201; &#x2009; &thinsp;

Hair Space U+200A

&#8202; &#x200a; n/a


Zero Width Space U+200B

&#8203; &#x200b;

Zero Width Non-Joiner U+200C breaking non-space

&#8204; &#x200c; &zwnj;


Euro Sign U+20AC

&#8364; &#x20ac; &euro;


Cent Sign U+00A2 penny

&#162; &#xa2; &cent;


Pound Sign U+00A3 GBP, Britain, UK

&#163; &#xa3; &pound;


Yen Sign U+00A5

&#165; &#xa5; &yen;



Vulgar Fraction One Quarter U+00BC 1/4

&#188; &#xbc; &frac14;


Vulgar Fraction One Half U+00BD 1/2

&#189; &#xbd; &frac12;


Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters U+00BE 3/4

&#190; &#xbe; &frac34;

Vulgar Fraction One Third U+2153 1/3

&#8531; &#x2153;

Vulgar Fraction Two Thirds U+2154 2/3

&#8532; &#x2154;

Vulgar Fraction One Eighth U+215B 1/8

&#8539; &#x215b;

Superscript Zero U+2070

&#8304; &#x2070;


Superscript One U+00B9

&#185; &#xb9; &sup1;


Superscript Two U+00B2

&#178; &#xb2; &sup2;


Superscript Three U+00B3

&#179; &#xb3; &sup3;

Superscript Four U+2074

&#8308; &#x2074;

Superscript Five U+2075

&#8309; &#x2075;

Superscript Six U+2076

&#8310; &#x2076;

Superscript Seven U+2077

&#8311; &#x2077;

Superscript Eight U+2078

&#8312; &#x2078;

Superscript Nine U+2079

&#8313; &#x2079;

Subscript Zero U+2080

&#8320; &#x2080;

Subscript One U+2081

&#8321; &#x2081;

Subscript Two U+2082

&#8322; &#x2082;

Subscript Three U+2083

&#8323; &#x2083;

Subscript Four U+2084

&#8324; &#x2084;

Subscript Five U+2085

&#8325; &#x2085;

Subscript Six U+2086

&#8326; &#x2086;

Subscript Seven U+2087

&#8327; &#x2087;

Subscript Eight U+2088

&#8328; &#x2088;

Subscript Nine U+2089

&#8329; &#x2089;

Per Mille Sign U+2030

&#8240; &#x2030; &permil;

Infinity U+221E

&#8734; &#x221e; &infin;



Division Sign U+00F7

&#247; &#xf7; &divide;


Micro Sign U+00B5

&#181; &#xb5; &micro;


Multiplication Sign U+00D7

&#215; &#xd7; &times;


Not Sign U+00AC

&#172; &#xac; &not;


Degree Sign U+00B0

&#176; &#xb0; &deg;


Plus-Minus Sign U+00B1

&#177; &#xb1; &plusmn;

Increment U+2206

&#8710; &#x2206;

N-Ary Product U+220F

&#8719; &#x220f; &prod;

N-Ary Summation U+2211

&#8721; &#x2211; &sum;

Square Root U+221A

&#8730; &#x221a; &radic;

Superscript Plus Sign U+207A

&#8314; &#x207a;

Superscript Minus U+207B

&#8315; &#x207b;

Subscript Plus Sign U+208A

&#8330; &#x208a;

Subscript Minus U+208B

&#8331; &#x208b;

Subscript Equals Sign U+208C

&#8332; &#x208c;

Approximately Equal To U+2245

&#8773; &#x2245; &cong;

Almost Equal To U+2248

&#8776; &#x2248; &asymp;

Not Equal To U+2260

&#8800; &#x2260; &ne;

Less-Than or Equal To U+2264

&#8804; &#x2264; &le;

Greater-Than or Equal To U+2265

&#8805; &#x2265; &ge;

Circled Plus U+2295

&#8853; &#x2295; &oplus;

Circled Times U+2297

&#8855; &#x2297; &otimes;



Greek Small Letter Alpha U+03B1

&#945; &#x3b1; &alpha;


Greek Capital Letter Alpha U+0391

&#913; &#x391; &Alpha;


Greek Small Letter Beta U+03B2

&#946; &#x3b2; &beta;


Greek Capital Letter Beta U+0392

&#914; &#x392; &Beta;


Greek Beta Symbol U+03D0

&#976; &#x3d0;


Greek Small Letter Beta U+03B2

&#946; &#x3b2; &beta;


Greek Capital Letter Sigma U+03A3

&#931; &#x3a3; &Sigma;


Greek Small Letter Sigma U+03C3

&#963; &#x3c3; &sigma;


Greek Capital Letter Delta U+0394

&#916; &#x394; &Delta;


Greek Small Letter Delta U+03B4

&#948; &#x3b4; &delta;


Greek Capital Letter Pi U+03A0

&#928; &#x3a0; &Pi;


Greek Small Letter Pi U+03C0)

&#960; &#x3c0; &pi;


Greek Capital Letter Omega U+03A9

&#937; &#x3a9; &Omega;


Greek Small Letter Omega U+03C9

&#969; &#x3c9; &omega;


and related accents and diacritic marks


Latin Capital Letter Ae U+00C6

&#198; &#xc6; &AElig;


Latin Small Letter Ae U+00E6

&#230; &#xe6; &aelig;


Latin Small Ligature Oe U+0153

&#339; &#x153; &oelig;


Latin Capital Ligature Oe U+0152

&#338; &#x152; &OElig;


Diaeresis U+00A8

&#168; &#xa8; &uml;


Acute Accent U+00B4

&#180; &#xb4; &acute;


Caron U+02C7

&#711; &#x2c7;


Breve U+02D8

&#728; &#x2d8;


Dot Above U+02D9

&#729; &#x2d9;


Ring Above U+02DA

&#730; &#x2da;


Small Tilde U+02DC

&#732; &#x2dc; &tilde;



<Private Use, Last> U+F8FF

&#63743; &#xf8ff;

Up Arrowhead U+2303

&#8963; &#x2303;

Option Key U+2325

&#8997; &#x2325;

Erase to the Right U+2326

&#8998; &#x2326;

Erase to the Left U+232B

&#9003; &#x232b;

Return Symbol U+23CE

&#9166; &#x23ce;

Eject Symbol U+23CF

&#9167; &#x23cf;

Upwards White Arrow U+21E7

&#8679; &#x21e7;

Leftwards Arrow U+2190

&#8592; &#x2190; &larr;

Rightwards Arrow U+2190

&#8594; &#x2192; &rarr;

Upwards Arrow U+2191

&#8593; &#x2191; &uarr;

Downwards Arrow U+2193

&#8595; &#x2193; &darr;

Downwards Arrow With Corner Leftwards U+21B5 carriage return

&#8629; &#x21b5; &crarr;

Leftwards Arrow to Bar U+21E4 back tab

&#8676; &#x21e4;

Rightwards Arrow to Bar U+21E5 tab

&#8677; &#x21e5;

White Chess King U+2654

&#9812; &#x2654;

White Chess Queen U+2655

&#9813; &#x2655;

White Chess Rook U+2656

&#9814; &#x2656;

White Chess Knight U+2658

&#9816; &#x2658;

Black Spade Suit U+2660

&#9824; &#x2660; &spades;

Black Club Suit U+2663

&#9827; &#x2663; &clubs;

Black Heart Suit U+2665

&#9829; &#x2665; &hearts;

Black Diamond Suit U+2666

&#9830; &#x2666; &diams;

White Heart Suit U+2661

&#9825; &#x2661;

White Diamond Suit U+2662

&#9826; &#x2662;

White Spade Suit U+2664

&#9828; &#x2664;

White Club Suit U+2667

&#9831; &#x2667;


Black Star U+2605

&#9733; &#x2605;

White Star U+2606

&#9734; &#x2606;

Trigram for Heaven U+2630 hamburger menu

&#9776; &#x2630;

Trigram for Earth U+2637

&#9783; &#x2637;

White Frowning Face U+2639

&#9785; &#x2639;

White Smiling Face U+263A

&#9786; &#x263a;

Female Sign U+2640

&#9792; &#x2640;

Male Sign U+2642

&#9794; &#x2642;